We offer a complete set of identification products covering fingerprint, palmprint, iris, 2D and 3D face to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies around the world.





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Papillon APFIS is behind one of the world’s
largest biometric systems in the world

Papillon Products

Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification

The next generation biometric identification system that enables creating, storing and searching of fingerprint/palmprint electronic databases.

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Automated Ballistic Identification System

Automated and comprehensive solution for investigation of firearm-related crimes. Consisting of our versatile ballistic scanner bundled with our state-of-the art software.

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Finger and Palm

Efficient instruments of enrollment and control are currently included as standard in all up-to-date automated fingerprint and palmprint identification systems.

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Civil Identification

Secure, reliable and cost efficient systems from single machine workstation to nation-wide geographically distributed networked solutions.

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