Competitive advantages

  • Track record of successful implementation of one of the world's largest AFIS projects.
  • Proprietary IP behind Papillon AMBIS (formerly known as AFIS version 8.0) sets new standards in recognition rate, accuracy, and the cost of ownership of nation-scale AFIS.
  • Vertical integration. Every aspect of AFIS (both hardware and software) is designed in-house and we control the complete life cycle of implementation and operation of nation-wide AFIS projects ensuring its seamless operation.
  • Multi-modality.
  • Our extensive R&D program aimed at the creation of new generation of biometric products integrating such topics as intellectual video surveillance, face and iris recognition, 3D intelligence.
  • Technology advantage. Benefiting from long-standing educational focus on mathematics and engineering, we have drawn upon the considerable local talent pool to create a leading technology company.