PAPILLON DS-30NM Livescan Fingerprint Device

  • manufactured as a separate optical unit driven by a backbone computer
  • designed for capturing rolled and plain fingerprints

The DS-30NM was sertified in the FBI, USA, in March 2011.

The DS-30NM uses the optical technology that enables producing high quality fingerprint and palmprint images even of moist fingers and palms.

The difference between DS-30N and DS-30NM is that the latter is equipped with a built-in color LCD display.

The information displayed on the computer monitor during the process of taking fingerprints is duplicated on an embedded LCD display of the DS-30NM scanner.

Such constructive solution enables you to:

  • easily control the process of taking fingerprints and palmprints (the operator does not use the monitor of the workstation – it is the scanner’s display that helps the operator to concentrate upon the fingerprinting process only)
  • arrange a detached place for taking fingerprints and palmprints. The scanner can be installed in a 5 m distance from the workstation computer.
Key Features and Specifications:
Resolution of resulting images 500 ppi (500 pixels per inch)
Dynamic Range 8 bpp (8 bit per pixel)
Signal–To–Noise Ratio Minimum: 40 db
Sensing Area 1 platen for rolling and taking plain impressions of fingers and palms
Scan Area 86 x 78 mm
Image Size (Maximum):
- Rolled or Flat Fingerprint
- Plain Four-finger Impressions
45 x 40 mm
86 x 78 mm
Time for scanning a fingerprint < 4 seconds (for touchprint – 2.5 seconds)
FBI's Requirements Compliance Compliant to the FBI's "IAFIS Image Quality Specification": CJIS-TD-0110; CJIS-RS-0010 (v7) app. F
Compensation for smears at rolling Yes
Elastic Coating (Membrane) Yes
Moisture Discrimination Yes
Interface USB 2.0 (480 Мbit/sec)
Power Supply 12 V (adapter ~220 V, 50 Hz)
Power Input Maximum: 5 Watt
Scanner Size (W x D x H) 137 x 307 x 107 mm
Scanner Weight 4 kg
Self-contained Keypad Yes
LCD Monitor:
– Image Resolution
Yes, color TFT
480 x 272 pixels
Operating Systems Windows, Linux