PAPILLON DS-45M Livescan Fingerprint and Palmprint Device

  • manufactured as a separate optical unit driven by a backbone computer
  • designed for capturing rolled and plain fingerprints and palmprints (including the so-called 'writer's palms')

The DS-45M was sertified in the FBI, USA, in July 2010.

The DS-45M uses the optical technology that enables producing high quality fingerprint and palmprint images even of moist fingers and palms.

The difference between DS-45 and DS-45M is that the latter is equipped with a built-in color LCD display.

The information displayed on the computer monitor during the process of taking fingerprints is duplicated on an embedded LCD display of the DS-45M scanner.

Such constructive solution enables you to:

  • easily control the process of taking fingerprints and palmprints (the operator does not use the monitor of the workstation – it is the scanner’s display that helps the operator to concentrate upon the fingerprinting process only)
  • arrange a detached place for taking fingerprints and palmprints. The scanner can be installed in a 5 m distance from the workstation computer.

To enter all necessary descriptive information associated with the case and mug shots, the operator uses the workstation monitor and the keyboard, while the scanner LCD display to manage the process of fingerprinting.

Such work site arrangement does not allow a person fingerprinted to see the workstation desk and screen contents.

Key Features and Specifications:
Resolution of resulting images 500 ppi (500 pixels per inch)
Dynamic Range 8 bpp (8 bit per pixel)
Signal–To–Noise Ratio Minimum: 40 db
Sensing Area 1 large platen for rolling and taking plain impressions of fingers and palms
Scan Area 132 x 130 mm
Image Size (Maximum):
- Rolled or Flat Fingerprint
- Plain Four-finger Impressions
- Palmprint Impression
42 x 41 mm
132 x 130 mm
132 x 130 mm
Time for scanning a fingerprint < 5 seconds (for touchprint – 3 seconds)
FBI's Requirements Compliance Compliant to the FBI's "IAFIS Image Quality Specification": CJIS-TD-0110; CJIS-RS-0010 (v7) app. F
Compensation for smears at rolling Yes
Elastic Coating (Membrane) Yes
Moisture Discrimination Yes
Interface USB 2.0 (480 Мbit/sec)
Power Supply 12 V (adapter ~220 V, 50 Hz)
Power Input Maximum: 8 Watt
Scanner Size (W x D x H) 240 x 405 x 127 mm
Scanner Weight 9 kg
Self-contained Keypad Yes
LCD Monitor:
- Image Resolution
Yes, color TFT
480 х 272 pixels
Operating Systems Windows, Linux